The Australian Centre for Hepatitis Virology (ACHV) is an incorporated body of biomedical scientists throughout Australia with the common interest of promoting and disseminating research into all aspects of the hepatitis and related viruses.

ACHV Workshops

17th Annual Scientific WorkshopThe Rex Hotel, Canberra, ACT
25-27th May 2022

The 17th ACH2 annual scientific workshop was held at the […]

16th Annual Scientific WorkshopBowral, NSW
2 - 4 June 2021

The 16th ACH2 annual scientific workshop was held at Peppers […]

15th Annual Scientific WorkshopOnline
4 - 6 November 2020

Due to COVID restrictions the 15th ACH2 annual scientific workshop […]



There's only one week left to apply for the ACHV Young Investigator Travel Awards!
If you're a PhD student or ECR studying hepatitis, you could be awarded $4000 AUD for travel to an international conference. Details here πŸ‘‡


Hepatitis infection can result in different complications in the liver depending on which hepatitis virus is involved. New research has demonstrated that hepatitis B and C impair the mitochondria in different ways, explaining why this occurs. More here:

🚨Calling all PhD students and ECRs (<5 years) studying Hepatitis 🚨

ACHV is offering two awards to support travel to an international conference in 2024. Applications close May 15th - details here πŸ‘‡


New Aussie research has shown how two splice variants of #HepB have different impacts on the replication of virus in cells. This is the first step in understanding the possible role of these variants in HBV pathogenesis.

Read more here: πŸ“Œ10.1128/jvi.01538-23

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